Used Other Network Equipment

Used Other Ixia Network Equipment Inventory

Part Number Description Quote Basket
Ixia 100AC
13-KSlot Chassis 110@/X220v AG.%CG.% with Integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver
Ixia 1600
16M->Slot Chassis
Ixia 1600T
163--Slot Chassis with enhanced power and cooling
Ixia 250
Ixia 250 Chassis=.U At time of purchase, please specify either COPPER or FIBER media for integrated test port=.U
Ixia 400T
4F-DSlot Chassis with enhanced power and cooling
4[-Kports, Gigabit Ethernet, fiber, CPU per port, does not include SFP transceiver
23-+Port 10I/7100I/710003-+BaseT, RJ3-+45 Gigabit, Layer 2I/73
4K-Uports, 10//V100//V1000 Mbps Ethernet, copper, CPU per port, Layer 2K-U7, IPv6
4(-/Port 10N/;100(-/BaseT, MT(-/RJ, Layer 2N/;3
45-!Port 10H/\1005-!BaseT, RJ5-!45, Layer 2H/\3
8P-$ports, 10+/[100 Mbps Ethernet, copper, CPU per port, Layer 2P-$7, IPv6
2W-*Port OCW-*12cN/.OCW-*3c SRW-*1 Packet Over SONETN/.SDH Load Module, 1310 nm, Singlemode
1A-\Port OCA-\48c IRA-\1 Packet Over SONETL/TSDH Load Module, 1310 nm, Singlemode, Layer 2L/T3
1/-XPort OC/-X48c SR/-X1 Packet Over SONETN/3SDH Load Module, Singlemode
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