Used Fujitsu FC9608BR31-I02

Part: FC9608BR31-I02
Description: Middle-speed channel - OC-3 Bridge Unit, Provides multiplexing of STS-3 signals from two HC2T units into a single 622 Mb signal quadrant of the HD TRIB shelf
Family: FLM-2400 TRIB
Used Fujitsu FC9608BR31-I02
  • Price — With our aggressive sourcing, inventory and solution orientation we can provide significant savings to you on all our Fujitsu FLM-2400 TRIB equipment, often in excess of 90% off the cost of buying a new FC9608BR31-I02. And because our Good As New™ certified Fujitsu equipment offers the same level of service as brand-new hardware, you can leverage the greatly reduced purchase price to achieve dramatically improved ROI across your entire infrastructure.
  • Quality — Every piece of Good As New™ certified Fujitsu FLM-2400 TRIB equipment is extensively tested. This allows us to pledge 100% customer satisfaction. We deliver exactly what we promise in a condition and quality consistent with the FC9608BR31-I02 description and up to the original manufacturers specifications.
  • Performance — All our Good As New™ certified Fujitsu FLM-2400 TRIB equipment offerings are just as powerful, scalable, and deployable as their brand-new equivalents, but even better! By exclusively specializing in previously owned technology, we can offer you an unparalleled level of customizability in your purchases. Because we can configure each FC9608BR31-I02 to meet your exact needs, you can get exactly what you need when you need it!
  • Value Retention — All Good As New™ certified Fujitsu FLM-2400 TRIB equipment you buy will retain its value far better than purchasing new Fujitsu FLM-2400 TRIB equipment. This greatly reduces your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in comparison with brand-new equipment, which typically loses a great deal of its value over the first one to three years of use.
  • Warranties — With Good As New IT®, you can rest assured that every single piece of FC9608BR31-I02 hardware you acquire from us will not only work, it will work well. We stand behind everything that we do, and work tirelessly to assure you of reliability and great customer service!

Buying, leasing, or renting Good As New™ certified Fujitsu FLM-2400 TRIB equipment is the right choice! We believe that your organization should enjoy all the benefits and reliability that new equipment would provide, but at a price that fits your budget. This provides the FC9608BR31-I02 you need right away with minimum impact on your ability to reach your business goals.

The Fujitsu products listed on this web site represent only a small fraction of the total Fujitsu equipment we have in stock. What we don't have in our warehouse we can obtain for you, no matter how unusual or obscure your hardware requirements are.

Every piece of Good As New™ certified Fujitsu FLM-2400 TRIB equipment we sell is extensively tested. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. You will receive reliable equipment and expert integration assistance and technical support.

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